His and hers basins

Say goodbye to waiting for your turn to brush your teeth in the morning. His and hers sinks are one of those practical bathroom ideas that also make your en suite seem a little bit more luxurious. They also help you to organise your beauty products into his and hers vanity units, to avoid that cluttered look. Make your twin sinks into a focal point by choosing an interesting shape for your basins. For example, a vessel sink with wall mounted taps makes for an interesting, fresh look.

A large mirror

En suite bathrooms are typically smaller than a family bathroom, so you'll need to add features that give the illusion of space. A larger than usual mirror is a great way to make the room seem bigger and brighter than it really is. The mirror needs to be big enough for you to see yourselves side by side in, so it spans across both of your twin basins.

Accessories with a "spa" feel

Since this bathroom is for couples,  you want it to feel romantic and slightly spa-like. Accessories can help you achieve this even if your decor is very plain. Here are some bathroom ideas to consider:

  • Fluffy, luxurious towels
  • Scented candles in an accent colour
  • Cushioned bath mats that feel great under bare feet
  • Artistic focal points such as a framed picture or sculpture
  • A plant such as bamboo or something with a palm leaf


To make your en suite seem like a relaxing place to pamper yourself, add seating. This is a great bathroom idea for couples who like to chat whilst one person is preening themselves. It's also a comfy place to shave your legs, moisturise or simply wait for the bath to fill up. Options for seating include cushioned ottomans, stools or even something attached to the wall.

A luxurious shower

When it comes to your en suite, it's the subtle touches that will make all the difference. A waterfall or rain-effect shower head can recreate that lovely "spa" feeling and gives a subtle sense of delight to every shower. Make sure your shower is at least part adjustable in terms of height and angle; after all, it has to cater for both of your needs. Remember also that the bigger your shower head is, the better your water pressure will need to be to accommodate it.