Use jam jars to store smaller make up items


If you have spare jam jars in your kitchen, why not repurpose them for the bathroom? Waterproof and durable, the glass jars make the perfect utensils for storing bath salts, cotton balls, cotton buds, and make up brushes. Tie ribbons around them to add a touch of decoration, make your own labels for an organised effect, or get really crafty and hand paint your own designs on them.

Think outside of the box for beauty products


If you have a plethora of beauty products piled up beside your bathroom sink, it's time to de-clutter. There are so many great ways you could store them. Try these ideas for starters:

  • Use a three-tiered cake stand for the smaller items such as soaps and make up
  • Invest in some wicker baskets for a rustic look
  • Use spice racks for holding bottled lotions and potions
  • Hook some hanging pot plant holders to your wall

Find a useful rack for your towels

Let's face it, a bathroom where there isn't enough space for towels is a very frustrating place to be. You want to make sure there are plenty of clean, dry towels on hand for those impromptu grooming sessions. So, get creative and provide some new places to store them. Here are some ideas:

  • Use a rustic ladder against the wall for hanging towels and clothes
  • Use a wine rack from your kitchen to store rolled up towels. Rolled towels add that magical "hotel/spa" feel to your bathroom 
  • Install a coat hooks in a strategic place on the wall
  • If your bathroom is small, use the back of your door as valuable space for hooks or towel rods
  • For nautical themed bathrooms, take a tip from domestic goddess Martha Steward and hang pieces of thick rope horizontally to drape towels over


 Or.... do it the easy way

One way to avoid the hassle of coming up with extra storage ideas is to simply add enough storage at the time your bathroom suite is being installed. We can help you with this. Browse our range of bathroom storage options and you'll never have to deal with a cluttered bathroom again.  You're welcome!