Our range of bath taps includes:

Waterfall taps

These elegant and modern taps create a waterfall effect, making a refreshing change to traditional bathroom tap styles. The idea behind waterfall taps is that the water cascades from the open spout, creating the same relaxing effect you would experience in a spa. This can add a chic, contemporary feel to your bathroom. In general, you'll need high water pressure in your home to get the most from waterfall taps.

Basin taps and bathroom sink taps

The importance of choosing the right taps for your bathroom sink can't be overlooked. After all, you'll be using them every day. Our basin taps come in a variety of styles and are manufactured from quality materials that are built to last. From lever taps to peg basin taps and waterfall spouts, you really are spoilt for choice. You can also choose matching basin and bath taps with the help of our experts.

Bath shower mixer taps

For an effortless effect, choose from our range of bath and shower mixer taps. Instead of using two separate taps for hot and cold water, create a minimalist look with a single mixer tap. Switch the water flow easily from bath to shower with the in­built diverting mechanism. Get the exact water temperature you prefer with the single flow tap, and you'll be in bathroom bliss.

Traditional bathroom taps

Of course, there's no need to go with something ultra modern if you like the traditional look. We have a range of traditional bathroom taps to suit the décor of your bathroom and channel the style of a bygone era.

Modern bathroom taps

Adding modern style bath taps to your bathroom is an easy and quick way to update the look of your bathroom fittings. Choose a modern chrome look for a smart finish and enjoy the feel of new fittings in your bathroom.

Now you know about the different taps we offer, it's time to create your dream bathroom! Browse our range of bath taps and sink taps here.

Don't forget you can always ask our bathroom experts for help. We can advise you on everything from the right taps for your water pressure, to the taps that will best suit your bathtub.